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Chiropractor Dr. Susan Fontana is a graduate of the esteemed Palmer College of Chiropractic. Our Evergreen Chiropractor has a passion for seeing her patient’s lives change with the health improvements that chiropractic treatments bring, she serves the greater Evergreen, Colorado area.

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I began seeing Dr. Fontana at the beginning of March; I was facing surgery on my right hand due to the carpel tunnel symptoms. I had not been able to write or move my arm for weeks. After two days of treatment I was off of the pain killers and muscle relaxers. After four times, I had no need for the brace and I was back at school studying and writing! I had a pinched nerve in my neck that was causing my whole arm to be in the tremendous pain. I was also having trouble with migraines. I would recommend this clinic to anyone. My treatment here was personable and caring. I am ecstatic to have relief without surgery.

Anna E.Evergreen, CO

For years I suffered with pain caused by degenerative disk disease. I would get injections and feel better for a short time then steadily get worse until I would have to take narcotics and finally receive another injection. In august of 2004 I was yet again taking narcotics to manage the pain. A friend told me about the DRX 9000 machine and that one was available to me at Fontana Family Chiropractic in Evergreen. After checking information about the procedure and visiting the office I started treatment. After only a few treatments I was able to stop taking all the medications. I felt better than I had in over six years. The complete treatment plan offered by the Fontana’s included DRX 9000, adjustments, ice, stim and massage. I looked forward to going to their office. Now more than a year later I still feel great, still not taking any medications. This was the best thing I ever did for the health of my back.

Diana V.

We all know to stay healthy; we must eat right, exercise and get enough rest. In my experience the most complementary addition to this formula is to get regular chiropractic care. When I moved to Evergreen from Virginia in 1996, the first thing on my “medical agenda” was to find a great chiropractor in the area. Drs. Susan and Fontana have both been terrific in their technical practice of chiropractic care, and have become good friends as well! It is a pleasure coming into their office and being under their care. I highly recommended chiropractic care and especially at Fontana Family Chiropractic.

Debi C.

Dating back to 1997 I have had back trouble that continued to affect me. An MRI in 2003 indicated a bulging/herniated disk. The neurosurgeon suggested surgery (naturally). I opted for steroid injections instead and have had 3 so far. Last year, the injection hit my spinal cord resulting in spinal headache. At the end of January my back pain started again, after 3 injections with no improvement, I came to see Dr. Fontana. I had looked up the DRX prior to coming, finding one in Evergreen was a blessing. After completing the full treatment program, I am 100% pain free. I can enjoy all the things I used to and be comfortable doing them! I still come in to do regular follow ups to keep my back healthy. I would highly recommend Drs. Susan and Fontana to anyone suffering with back pain.

Kevin H.Evergreen, CO

I had a stroke in June of 96. It affected the 6th nerve in my left eye, making it cross eyed. I had severe headaches and extreme tightness in my neck and shoulders. Causing pain that was almost unbearable. It was decided by doctors and optometrists that I would be put on aspirin daily then they sent me home. I had to do something about the situation myself, so I patched my eye and worked on getting it to move back to where it should be. I went directly to my chiro-gyro (as I call it) and started a regiment of adjustments and massage. Starting with 2-4 times a week for almost 2 months. By the end of the 2 months I felt very good, the headaches had subsided and the tenseness now completely gone. With my efforts working on my vision I was well on my way to complete wellness. Since this episode I maintained my health with regular chiropractic visits and continue to enjoy life more than ever. Thank you to Dr. Fontana’s!

Jheri N.

I have been a patient here for regular adjustments for about 2 and half years. Last year I was in a car accident, after the car accident I was losing feeling in my arm. I had pain neck and shoulders, with chronic pain in my back. My injuries left me unable to do regular household duties, such as taking care of my family. I began chiropractic care at this office three times per week and began to notice improvement. After much therapy and several adjustments, my visits were reduced to twice a week. Currently I see Dr. Fontana once a week. My life has finally began to return to normal. I am able to exercise, care for my children, and perform most of my household duties with little to no pain. I am currently pregnant and look forward to regular adjustments to help my changing body function properly. I very chiropractic care as not only chronic pain management but also as healthy living requirement.

Shelly E.

I first came to Dr. Fontana’s to seek advice about chronic back pain in my L5 region. After my consult, I decided to go with the DRX treatments. My at first when I came in was painful all day, and I had times when I could not move from the shooting pain through my low back. After starting the treatments and following Dr. Fontana’s advice, within a few days the shooting pain decreased and the pain was not an all day or night ordeal. Because more I’m aware of my back problem today, after all my treatments this no longer stops my from my everyday activities and the things I had to give up because of my back. My pain decreased from a 7 to a 2 on a scale of 1-10 (1 being pain free). And I believe that if I continue with Dr. Fontana’s exercise program as well, I can handle the pain for a long time to come. Lastly, his staff is one of the best and I couldn’t have asked for better care from them or doctor Fontana. If you need help or care for lower back pain, I would without a doubt send you to Dr. Fontana’s, because they are the best in my book!

Lonnie M.

I came in to see Drs. Susan and Fontana when a I injured my back gardening. After baring it for 10 days I was still in pain and couldn’t sit for any length of time, I hardly could stand and when I did I was hunched over from pain. After a detailed exam and history, the doctors began treating me. I was apprehensive because of a chiropractor “roughing me up” thirty years ago. Not once have I experienced pain here due to a treatment at Fontana Family Chiropractic. My condition improved steadily under their care, and today my back feels great. It’s in better shape and feels better now than it did even before my injury. Everyone in the office is friendly and caring, yet very professional and has been proactive in treating my injury.

Sherry A.

Thank you everyone at Fontana Family Chiropractic for a proactive team effort that has put me back on the road to good health! Since I began treatment here on 10-23-09 my chronic deep sinus congestion is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massage that I have received have released the congestion and produced drainage where the traditional treatments failed. I have been able to discontinuing use of the prescription and OTC products and I feel the best that I have in several years! Thank you again for restoring my quality of life.

Chrystal I.

My back went out Oct 2003. The pain was nothing like I had ever experienced. I was already doing Pilates, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage due to a head on car accident in 2001. I had hoped continuing these treatments would eventually help my back but nothing changed. I was then referred to Dr. Fontana’s office. I saw Dr. Fontana who sent me for an MRI on my low back. That showed numerous bulging disks of various degrees. I immediately started treatment on the DRX 9000 and did about 20 treatments. Doing the DRX treatment as well as continuing my other treatments has helped me significantly and kept me away from surgery. I highly recommend the DRX machine and Dr. Fontana for anyone who has disk problems.

Vicki H.Evergreen, CO

A different chiropractor in a different city started me on Immuplex II years ago when I started having problems with getting sick with the flu, off and on for a better part of three months. Immuplex along with other good quality supplements and adjustments completely turned my life around. I rarely get sick and if I feel like I am, I take tons of Immuplex and get adjusted. I haven’t this good in years!

Jane D.

Though I take vitamins and supplements, it was always a shot-in-the-dark if they were the right ones or even effective. A week and half after starting on the supplements suggested by the Symptom Survey tests, I clearly saw a change. My energy levels, which usually are ups and downs throughout the day with a blah effect in the evening, were not longer that way. I had a increased energy level, I was getting more done. My legs and knees (arthritis and lack cartilage) stopped aching and throbbing in the middle of the night. I know no longer have to spend up to two hours in the morning trying to loosen them up; they are not stiff and hurting. The knees may not work well, but at least they do not hurt and I sleep well at not now. Even my face isn’t breaking out so much anymore. Plus, the Symptom Survey lets me revaluate my progress. It’s a great ongoing process, glad I got on board with it.

Susan B.